This is Emily Westmacoot. Emily’s daily outfit consists of comfortable and basic color clothes with her whole closet consisting of blacks, whites, grays, maroon, light pinks and dark blue. Today Emily is wearing a pink tank top, ripped black jeans, earrings, a pink bralette, and checkered vans.

Emily gets her inspiration from Instagram and social media icons. Her favorite stores are Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters. Her key items in her closet are her black, white, and gray clothes, her bralettes, and vans.

Emily has always been really athletic and has had after school sports so she used to dress comfy so it would be easy for her to change. Now as she has grown older she has changed her style a lot because she does not have as much things going on after school.

Emily’s style represents the two sides of her personality where she is both crazy but lazy. Her style has changed by her expanding her closet outside of just leggings and comfy clothes. She used to only wear those type of clothes because she is a small size and it was hard for her to find cute clothes that fit her. Now she has branched out and found stylish clothes that fit her.

Emily is one of the weirdest people I know and that is why we get along so well. We both are super ourselves which to be honest is kind of crazy. Emily is probably one of the true people i can be my weirdest self around.

Love, JP


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