This is Jordan Duggan. Today Jordan is wearing black mom jeans with fishnets layered underneath, a black belt, a white and blacked striped off-the-shoulder top, silver hoop earrings, and black vans. Jordan’s everyday outfit consists of jeans and overalls with different pieces layered underneath.

Jordan gets her inspiration from instagram and random people on the streets. This explains how Jordan is always on trend with all her clothing. With this outfit the new trend of fishnets is seen. I love fishnets because they are a great layering piece and can completely transform an outfit.

Jordan’s favorite stores are Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, thrift stores, and Forever 21. Thrift stores are an awesome place to find super unique items for really cheap, so I highly recommend checking out these stores. Jordan’s key item in her closet is her jeans. With a good pair of jeans your closet is pretty much set so I totally agree with Jordan on this one.

Jordan’s style has changed by “it maturing over time thankfully”. Her style represents her by her wearing whatever she wants to wear which shows how she doesn’t care what other people think about her. Her style is unique just like Jordan which is super cool.

I grew up with Jordan with us going to the same elementary school starting from 3rd grade. Jordan is a super awesome person with an absolutely great fashion sense. Everyday I see Jordan she always has such a cute outfit on. Even during AP testing, Jordan looked good everyday while everyone else looked sleep deprived and like they just rolled out of bed.

Growing up with Jordan I have been able to see how much her style has changed. In elementary school we all basically wore the same neon tank tops from Tilly’s. From junior high and now high school I have been able to see Jordan’s style transform into what it is today.

Jordan is a sure sweet person and I am so happy to have known her so long. Make sure to check back in next week for a super cool blog post that can’t be missed.

Love, JP



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