This is Francesca Kahny. Today Francesca is wearing a white lace-up t-shirt, a black and white fur/suede jacket, light blue jeans, a watch and belt, and Nike sneakers. I love this look because it is very on trend with the lace-up t-shit while being perfect for the cold weather we had today. Francesca is one of the people who inspires my style so I was super excited to do this post.

Francesca’s daily style consists of a lot of denim with her wearing denim or overalls almost everyday. Her key items in her closet are her shoes and she says she has a ton of them. I mean who can have too many shoes! I totally agree with Francesca’s key items because with a cute pair of shoes and denim your wardrobe is basically set.

Francesca is inspired by her pal Jordan(who will be next week’s edition!) and by people on Instagram. Her favorite stores consist of Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters. She likes Brandy because it is cheap but still has super cute items. For example the belt she is wearing is from Brandy Melville for $10 but before she went to Brandy she was going to get the same exact belt for $40 from Urban.

Her style has changed by her not caring what other people think about it. Before she used to care a lot about what the other people think but now she has learned to dress for nobody but herself. Francesca’s style represents her because she is a super unique one-of-a-kind person which is shown through her equally unique style.

As said before, Francesca is an inspiration for my style. Everyday I see her she always looks so cute and I really admire how she tries everyday. Not only is her style super awesome but her personality is to. Francesca is one of the nicest people I know and she always has a smile on her face.  She is loved by many because of her super outgoing, loving personality which make people love being around her.

Make sure to check in next week to find out Francesca’s inspiration super cool style!



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