This is Devan Randolph. Today Devan is wearing a blue knit tanktop, black ripped jeans, black vans, and two necklaces. Devan’s everyday outfit consists of jeans and a long sleeve shirt because most of her clothes are for cold weather. Devan said that looking at her closet about 75% of it is made up of sweaters so cold weather is obviously her favorite weather to dress for.

Devan gets her style inspiration from her older sister Baylor. Baylor is two years older than Devan so they are really close and have very similar style because both inspire each other. Devan’s favorite stores include Urban Outfitters and Free People.

Devan’s key items in her closet are sweaters, long sleeve shirts, swim suits, and a patagonia jacket or vest. Devan plays a lot of beach volleyball so swim suits are a necessity in her closet. Devan also probably  has the largest Patagonia collection out of everyone I know. She has multiple jackest and vests and wears one almost everyday.

Devan is a super active person which is seen in her style. Not only does she play indoor and beach volleyball but she also surfs and does yoga. Devan has been surfing since a really young age so she is really good at it. It has also influenced how she has dressed quite a lot with her style being very beachy.

My favorite part of Devan’s outfit today is her necklaces. She layered these two necklaces which look really cool. One of them is from Waxing Poetic and the other is a gift from a family member. I love when people make a unique look by putting two different necklaces together.

I first met Devan by being on the same volleyball team with her. One thing I love about Devan is her energy. She has a super fun personality and you always have a good time when your with her. She has a super funny sense of humor and almost everything that comes out of her mouth is funny. Devan always seems to have a smile on her face because she seems like she is always super happy.

Make sure to check back in next week!

Love, JP







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