This is Ellie Chenoweth. Ellie would describe her style by her preference of flowy clothes that are very comfortable. She also prefers clothes of similar color. Ellie has a very original style with her closet consisting of mostly Free People so it is very boho but at the same time classy and simple.

Today Ellie is wearing a purple flowy tank top, white shorts, sandals, detailed earrings, and a simple necklace and bracelet. Today was a very hot day and this is the perfect look to still look classy and put together during the hot weather.

Ellie’s key items in her closet are jeans, scarves, and sweaters. Her favorite season is fall so her favorite clothing items are from this season. She also loves her red rain boots when it rains. That’s why she also loves rainy weather.

Ellie’s favorite stores are Free People, Anthropology, and American Eagle. These stores make up her closet and classy and cute style. Ellie’s style represents her by showing her qualities of modesty and also her being super fun. She likes wearing loose clothing hence the modesty but loves bright colors and interesting fabrics which represent the fun side of her.

Ellie plays volleyball and is a super active person. She has played basketball, soccer, and lacrosse but now her main focus is volleyball. Due to her being such an athletic person she likes wearing leggings and clothes that make it easy for her to move around. She tries to be athletic at least a couple times a week so athletic clothes make up a lot of her closet.

Ellie is one of the happiest and sweetest people I know. She is filled with so much kindness that it is such s pleasure to be around her. I have been friends with Ellie since junior high so I have known her for quite some time. She is not only extremely kind but she also has an awesome sense of humor. She is constantly laughing throughout the day which makes everyone’s day a little better seeing someone as happy as Ellie.

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