This is Jacquie Silvern. Jacquie would describe her style as comfortable with her main style pieces being loose shirts, comfy pants, leggings, and loose jeans. Today Jacquie is wearing loose boyfriend jeans, a brown leather belt, a maroon tank top, a black lace brallette, and black Jack Purcell’s.

Jacquie gets her style inspiration from Brandy Melville models, GiGi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and the singer Maddie Lindemann. Jacquie incorporates these people’s amazing styles into her own which therefore makes her style pretty amazing.

Some of Jacquie’s favorite stores are Brandy Melville, thrift stores, Urban Outfitters, Pacsun, and Lululemon. A really cool part about Jacquie’s outfit today is that her jeans are her moms old jeans that she used to wear when she was in college. I love when people find gems like these and rock them like Jacquie does.

Jacquie’s style has changed quite a lot as she has grown older. Last year she used to wear only leggings and the same shirts over and over again. Now she has expanded her style to become much more diverse with really unique  pieces. Jacquie’s everyday outfit now would be bellbottom jeans from Abercrombie&Fitch, a black knit shirt from Brandy Melville or a loose black shirt from Pacsun, and black Jack Purcell’s.

Jacquie’s style represents her by how she is always trying new things and is chill and comfortable with everything. Jacquie is not afraid to take risks and this is shown in her style. She is also not afraid to step out of the boundaries and be herself which is very cool.

I first met Jacquie last year and I have always thought of her as a really awesome person. She is a gifted dancer which is shown in how she lives with grace and beauty. Jacquie is super sweet and very animated. She stands by her friends and is not afraid to speak up when something is not right.

Jacquie is an amazing person with an equally amazing style. Make sure to check back in next week for a very special blog post!

Love, JP



Shoes-Jack Purcell’s

Bralette- Free People


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