This is Charlotte Power, my nine year old little sister. Charlotte has always had a very bright and playful style. She wears whatever she wants and comes up with all these crazy combinations of clothing, like jeans and skirts paired together.

Charlotte was super excited to be in this post. She made sure she chose her favorite dress and her favorite boots. Today she is wearing a multicolored dress and tan boots. One thing about Charlotte is that she must always have her hair perfect and no bumps in her socks. Trust me if those two aren’t absolutely perfect it leads to a lot of slammed doors which is Charlotte’s favorite way to show she is mad.

But besides that Charlotte is super sweet as long as your nice to her. I’ve learned that it is better to just let her do what she wants and not pick on her to keep the peace but unfortunately my other sister hasn’t learned that yet. Charlotte loves coloring, playing with her friends, and swimming. She is really good at swimming and possibly faster than me.

Charlotte has a bunny named Teddy and she loves him more than anything. Unfortunately this means that she doesn’t really like when other people hold him because she is worried that they’ll hurt him. It’s really cool to see how she takes such good care of him because usually she does not like to do anything besides play with her friends.

I love hanging with Charlotte because she is super funny and makes me forget all about the other stuff I have going on. Charlotte has a beautiful personality once you get to know her but she is very shy around people in the beginning. Once you get to know her though its surprising how outspoken she can be.

Charlotte also enjoys dancing. Recently she just performed in her school talent show doing a dance routine with two other friends. It was surprisingly pretty impressive for nine year olds. Charlotte is also a very motivated person. If she wants something she won’t stop until she gets it, which can be annoying at times but at other times it is very admirable.

Charlotte is an awesome sister to have and I am so thankful I have her. She makes my days so much better and everyone loves her so much including me. Make sure to check back in next week!

Love, JP



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