This is Josie Gonella. Personally I have always been a huge fan of Josie’s style so I was super pumped for this post.  Today Josie is wearing black ripped jeans, black boots, a grey long sleeve shirt, a grey fluffy jacket, layered necklaces and bracelets, and a watch.

Josie would describe her style as boho but at the same time sophisticated. She loves putting simple pieces together and focusing on accessories to make the outfit amazing. I really like the look she is wearing today because all the pieces are thoughtfully put together to really make an amazing look.

Josie’s daily outfit would include black ripped jeans, a fitted short or long sleeve shirt, black boots, and a big jacket with lots of jewelry. Josie likes to mix styles together so she will blend two styles of fashion together like boho and preppy to create her own individual look. I think this is super cool because she creates looks that she loves while also being on trend.

Josie’s style represents her because all her outfits are well thought out and organized. Josie is a super organized person who really cares about how she presents herself and everything she does. Josie is one of the smartest and most motivated people I know and her style really reflects that side of her with it being sophisticated and neat.

I remember my first time meeting Josie and thinking that she was such a cool and happy person. Through getting to know her even better those first thoughts were proved to be very true. Throughout my day I always see Josie smiling and she is definitely one of the happiest people I know. She is also loved by many because she has such an infectious personality that brightens peoples days.

Josie’s style has changed by her outfits becoming much more unique. She has also learned to dress for herself and wear what she truly likes. Something I truly admire about Josie is her confidence. Some of her favorite stores to shop at are Free People and Urban Outfitters.

Josie Gonella is an amazing person who makes a lot of people’s lives better. Make sure to check back in next week!


Boots- Madden Girl

Jeans- Urban Outfitters

Shirt- Brandy Melville

Watch- Daniel Wellington

Necklaces- Topshop, Tiffanys




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