Stripes&Mom Jeans

This is Charley Meister. Charley would describe her style as boho/ hippie while also sort of mommish. Charley is always dressed really cute while being conservative at the same time. I met Charley last year through being in the same classes and she has grown to become one of my best friends. She always brightens my day with her infectious laughter and smile.

Today Charley wore a stripped off-the-shoulder top, mom jeans, her favorite watch, and Adidas. When shopping Charley looks for clothes that are both comfortable and cute. Her favorite stores are Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom’s, Billabong, and Free People. Her daily outfit would be a sweater or t-shirt paired with jeans or leggings and her watch, bracelet and glasses. Technically Charley can go nowhere without her glasses because she is legally blind so they are always apart of her outfit.

Charley has a wonderful, loving family so a lot of her inspiration comes from them. Not only does her humor come from them but also her loving personality comes from them too. One of her major style icons is her mom.

Charley’s style represents her because she respects herself and her body so she doesn’t dress scantily or uncomfortably. She also doesn’t like being in uncomfortable situations which also shows why she chooses comfy clothing. Charley is also probably the happiest person I know so she is always wearing something that makes her happy.

The key items in Charley’s closet are her white fuzzy jacket and her mom jeans. Both are versatile items that she works into her outfits a lot. Her style has changed as she has grown older by her clothing items becoming less basic and more stand out.

Charley is always up for an adventure so I thought the perfect place to take photos would be somewhere in nature. Unfortunately on this day it rained so it was super muddy. This ended up with us both getting stuck in the mud and me sacrificing my shirt so Charley’s car wouldn’t be ruined from our muddy shoes. It was worth it though because I got to spend some time with one of my best friends.

Love, JP

Shoes- Adidas

Jeans- Urban Outfitters

Shirt- J Crew



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