Miranda Starkey would describe her style as comfortable and simple. These two styles usually go hand-in-hand because simple designs are usually the most comfortable to wear. Miranda’s choice in comfortable clothes shows the happy side of her because being comfortable makes her happy.

Today Miranda wore black Levi jeans with white Vans, a teal accordion textured tank top, and a simple gold necklace. This outfit describes Miranda well because while she is bold and original she is also a super comforting person who makes many people happy. When shopping, Miranda looks for colors and patterns that are different, but at the same time she keeps her wardrobe simple with staple pieces such as black jeans or white vans. Her go-to outfit would be a bold shirt with simple shoes and pants.

Miranda’s style has changed as she has grown older in terms of simplicity. She has grown to learn that some of the simplest pieces are the most bold and that if one has a few key pieces there wardrobe is pretty much set. The key piece in Miranda’s closet is jeans. A good pair of jeans can elevate an outfit to the next level so I totally agree with Miranda on this one. Miranda suggests getting at least one pair of black jeans because they go with so many things and can really stand out on their own or elevate another piece of the outfit.

Miranda’s style inspirations are mainly celebrities such as Beyoncé (AGREED!) and people on Instagram. To her it is amazing to see how people put amazing outfits and change the style game through social media. Some of her favorite stores are Free People and Urban Outfitters.

I am so thankful I got to know Miranda this year! Through being on the same volleyball team and being in the same academy we got to know each other pretty well. Miranda always lights up the room with her smile and once you get to know her, she is one of the funniest people you will ever know. She is also a  great storyteller and has a really peaceful vibe coming from her. Miranda is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in which inspires others and me to also do the same.

Make sure to check back in to read next weeks story!

Love, JP

Black Jeans- Levi’s

Tanktop- Urban Outfitters



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