Taylor Robertson and I first met from being on the same volleyball team. Her style has always inspired me and to be honest I wish her closet was mine. Not only are her volleyball skills amazing but her style is too. Taylor also loves yoga and is currently training to be a yoga teacher at Core Power Yoga. Today Taylor wore a simple black bodysuit, Levi ripped jean shorts, Vans, and her round Ray-ban sunglasses.

Taylor would describe her everyday outfit as leggings, t-shirt, sandals, and a hat. She loves to be comfortable and usually wears clothes that are like that. With that, she has a very minimalist style. I personally love minimalist style because even though it may be simple it is still bold because sometimes the more simple one is with fashion the more out there they are.

Taylor is very confident with her style. She doesn’t care much about what other people think so her style really incorporates what she loves without much consideration of what other people will think. As said before Taylor loves being comfortable and hates being in uncomfortable positions so her style definitely represents that part of her.

Taylor’s style has evolved a lot because of yoga. She has grown to love colorful leggings and definitely follows a lot of the trends involving athletic wear. Her one staple item in her closet is her black bodysuit. It is a great versatile item that she can really dress up or keep casual.

Taylor’s style inspirations are mostly from celebrities like Selena Gomez. She gets a lot of future ideas about outfits seeing celebrities on social media and seeing how she could use her items to create similar looks like theirs.

Overall Taylor has a beautiful personality and is so much fun to be around which is shown in her style. She doesn’t care what people think which is super refreshing and being with her always makes peoples days better. Also her dance moves are pretty fantastic. Next week I will be interviewing another amazing person on her awesome style. Make sure to check back in!

Love, JP


Ray-bans- http://www.ray-ban.com/usa/sunglasses/RB3447%20UNISEX%20001-round%20metal-gold/805289439899

Bodysuit-American Apparel


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