This weekend I got to meet up with my friend Ineka Damen from the blog I am always inspired with her style because she is a model who has been around high fashion and is an employee at Brandy Melville, so she has a lot of experience in the fashion world. Here is her story on how her clothes express who she is.


On this day, Ineka was just getting off of work from Brandy Melville when we decided to meet up. “I am greatly inspired by my work. At Brandy, everyday I get to see people come in with absolutely amazing style and also my fellow coworkers are basically fashion gods. Also with modeling, I get to work with these amazing designers who are always bending the fashion world and starting the next trends. I get to see first hand the start of the next big fashion movements. It is amazing being apart of that experience. It gives you a much more appreciative sense of how amazing fashion really is.”  I personally love hearing about the experience Ineka gets from her work because her views are so different from everyone else’s.


Ineka wore a sheer glitter shirt over a velvet tank top paired with black ripped jeans, a jean jacket, and her Fenty Puma Creepers. This outfit is bold and original just like Ineka.


When asked about how she would describe her personal style, Ineka responded, “I really base my style on my moods. One day I’ll be tired and be wearing a big sweatshirt and yoga pants and the next day I’ll be super motivated to look good and be wearing a skirt and bodysuit. It really changes everyday. My main thing is to be comfortable so basically when shopping I look for items that are both comfortable in texture and that I feel comfortable in.”


Ok storytime. Ineka and I had been absolutely obsessed with Rihanna’s Fenty Puma shoe collection especially the Creeper (but I mean who wasn’t). When we heard they were coming out with a Velvet Creeper we knew that we had to have them. Ineka wanted the maroon and I wanted the gray and we were determined to get a pair. We marked our calendars for the date and set our alarms for 5:30 AM because we were not going to miss out on these. At 6 AM, when the Creeper officially went on the market we clicked, clicked, and finally they were ours. These shoes sold out in the first fifteen minutes and we were two of the lucky people who got a pair. I swear getting that shipping conformation was the best feeling in the world.


“My main inspirations are famous people, Instagram, my job, and Jaden. (Swear I didn’t make her say that). I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing all these beautiful people with beautiful style and planning my next outfits from them. Also as I said before my work greatly inspires me with it being where fashion is born and raised. Famous people such as Gigi Hadid and Rihanna have always inspired me because they are always challenging the fashion world and someday I hope to do that too.”


“In the future, I hope to pursue a career in fashion. Whether it’s modeling, designing, or styling, I just want to be apart of this amazing field. I want to inspire others like they have inspired me.”


Ineka is an amazing person with a great outlook on fashion. People like her are hard to come by and I am lucky to call her one of my best friends. Next week I will be sharing a little more about me with an outfit that I might love more than dogs (maybe).

Love, JP


Jean Jacket-Brandy Melville

Sheer Glitter Top-Brandy Melville

Velvet Tanktop-


Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters


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