Everyone has heard the quote about how being beautiful on the inside is much more important than being beautiful on the outside.  Fashion is the truest example of this. Fashion provides a glimpse of the person’s personality through the things they wear. I think of this every time I dress myself, I ask myself “how am I feeling today?” and “how do I want to express myself today?”. My clothes describe my personality and moods in the most beautiful jumble and if someone were to ask me who I was I would take them on a journey throughout my closet. This is what this blog is all about. I will be telling the stories of both my clothes and of others who inspire me and everyone around them. I thought I would start this series off with a glimpse of who I am with a post about my personal style. I have put together an outfit that makes me feel pretty amazing.


I love this outfit because of how bright it makes me feel. The bodysuit and the bomber are bold and when put together they become an amazing combo of color and texture which I love. The other thing about this outfit is that it is so comfortable! It’s hard to find a bodysuit that fits you right and isn’t riding up in places you don’t want it to. Luckily I found the perfect one with it basically being Cinderella’s slipper if 1. I was Cinderella and 2. if Cinderella was super into the 90’s revival fashion movement and loved bodysuits almost as much as I do.


I wear this outfit when I need a pick me up when I’m feeling shy and tired of myself. This always seems to bring me out of my funk with the bright colors and silky texture. It also reminds me of the day I found this stellar bomber. I was in LA shopping with friends and we decided to hit up some thrift shops because LA is home to some of the best thrift stores you will ever go to. I was browsing and suddenly I saw it and I swear it was like love at first sight, I had to have it. What really made it such a great day was being with the people I love and us all being so happy and content.


This year I have been put through a lot with friend/family issues and health issues. I lost myself for a little bit and was able to find myself again through fashion. Fashion is always evolving and changing but it is the one stable thing that will always help me feel better. Through me losing myself and finding myself again through clothes, I have learned to dress for me and no one else. I have learned that other people’s opinions really don’t matter as long as you’re loving yourself. I have learned that it is so much better to stop worrying about what other’s think than be someone you aren’t.


Fashion has taught me a lot and next week I will be continuing on with a story from the closet of one of my best friends which can’t be missed!




Bomber- Thrifted
























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